I had a particular difficult time thinking of possible ideas for a subject of my final. I really liked the idea of making a series, and I’d like to create something that relates to everyone. Since I was stumped, I took a look at what my classmates were choosing to do. Big mistake for me, because I then choked up since they all had brilliant ideas! I would skim through a couple and after awhile think, “That’s so cool, why didn’t I think of that?!” While freaking out, like most people, I decided to check my Facebook and saw that I had an inbox. Someone had sent me a website with a love quote, and it started to get me thinking of all the different ways that one can love someone or something, since everyone defines love differently. I realized that this would be a great subject for me, the difficult part would be trying to reproduce the different feelings of love aesthetically. I chose to express the love for music, love for food, friendly and romantic love, as well as love for self and love for animals in this series of photographs, and I hope that some of the emotions that I attempted to reproduce are some of which that my audience can relate to as well.

Six Shades of Love


Suggested revisions for Assignment 5:

Jade Clarice..

“I really like your artist statement. I like how your relating it to things in everyday life. However, I was a little confused when I was looking through your picutres until I read the artist statement. You might want to have the artisit statment in the begining. I like photos 3, 5, and 6. I like how the subjects aren’t looking at the camera, it seems more genuine.”

Anya Chumachok..

“I like your ideas for the final project. The everyday life and that you’re just taking pictures of family and friends. Make sure to include your artist statement on the top. Try take more pictures and related them to each other. Some of your pictures are a little dark. It’s really hard to shoot inside with room lighting. You can try to adjust the exposure and also you can try to reduce the digital noise on photoshop.Great job though! Your pictures look very genuine and happy. Good luck!”