Melissa Djonlich:

What a great idea! I think your shots are awesome, and I agree that your statement is very straight forward and you accomplish what you set out to do beautifully. I like that the colors and lines of the dye movement stand out right away against the white wall in the background, but the table that it rests upon somewhat takes away from this, since it cuts right through your subject matter. Overall, great job!

Elizabeth Foreman:

Great job on your artist statement, and I think that your idea to take close up photos of ordinary objects to “take in the big picture” was really creative! There were a few photos that I was readily able to recognize from things I experience in my own life, and then there were some that left me wondering what objects they could be. You really did an amazing job and I love that you left me wondering and thinking about what it is you experience day to day! Very nice!

Ian Fortune:

I have to say that after checking out everyone’s work, yours is definitely the most creative that I have seen. My favorite photo is the “apple of his eye”. You did a great job bringing these sayings “to life” and illustrating what they mean to you. Overall, very nice work, and great photos!