I had a particular difficult time thinking of possible ideas for a subject of my final. I really liked the idea of making a composite, and I’d like to create something that relates to everyone. Since I was stumped, I took a look at what my classmates were choosing to do. Big mistake for me, because I then choked up since they all had brilliant ideas! I would skim through a couple and after awhile think, “That’s so cool, why didn’t I think of that?!” While freaking out, like most people, I decided to check my Facebook and saw that I had an inbox. Someone had sent me a website with a love quote, and it started to get me thinking of all the different kinds of love that most people can relate to in our society today. I realized that this would be a great subject for me, the difficult part would be trying to reproduce the different feelings of love aesthetically.

Just some ideas I had:

An older couple cooking together; a younger couple just spending time together; siblings; a mother and her children; grandparents with their grandchild; the obsession that our culture has with technology; love for music and self-expression; love for life; broken hearts; love for God; love for food..