"Child with Toy Grenade" emulation

"Shiny Dress" emulation

"Two Friends" emulation

"Hermaphrodite and Dog" emulation

"Untitled" emulation

While premeditating how I would proceed to shoot these emulation of Diane Arbus’ work, I decided to use the same arrangement of people and subjects of the photograph. Unfortunately, I don’t know any dwarfs or hermaphrodites, but I had two actors that were more than willing to attempt to recreate these photographs with me! I pretty much changed everything but the subjects of the photographs. Since I knew that Arbus’ artistic style included shooting “freaks” and very non-traditional subjects, I attempted to make my photographs as outrageous as possible in this sense. Even though that nudity hardly played a role in any of these particular photographs, while researching, I found plenty where nudity was the subject. While not wanting to include nude pictures of minors to save myself the lawsuit and embarrassing shooting environment, I opted to instead slightly hint at this by aiming the lighting below my subject’s hips to highlight, even though this was not included in the original photograph.