The Junior Interstate Ballroom Dance Champions, Yonkers, NY Diane Arbus

Lady at a masked ball with two roses on her dress, N.Y.C. 1967 Diane Arbus

Hermaphrodite and a dog in a carnival trailer, Md. 1970 Diane Arbus

A Woman in a Bird Mask, N.Y.C. 1967 Diane Arbus

Two girls in matching bathing suits, Coney Island, N.Y. Diane Arbus

Child with toy hand grenade 1962 Diane Arbus

Identical Twins, New Rochelle 1967 Diane Arbus

Girl in a shiny dress, NYC 1967 Diane Arbus

Two friends at home, NYC 1965 Diane Arbus

Untitled 1970-1971 Diane Arbus

The photography whose work that I chose to emulate is Diane Arbus. After researching other artists, I found her work to be the most interesting. Arbus was born March 14, 1923 in New York, New York. She is well-known for her photographs of transvestites, dwarfs, twins, and mentally ill adults. Arbus’ creativity emerged very early in her life, as she expressed herself through drawings. She met her husband, Allan Arbus, when she was 13 and married him upon turning 18. It was Arbus’ husband who taught her photography. She began shooting for advertising and fashion photography, and after awhile, started to focus on her own photography. Arbus studied with Lisette Model to further explore her own style of photography. During the 1960s, she taught photography at several schools. Her first major exhibition of her photographs occurred at the Museum of Modern Art in a 1967 show called “New Documents”. In July of 1971, at the age of 48, she committed suicide.