For photo 4 of Melissa Djonlich’s blog, the compositional elements that are present in the photograph are lines, texture, and contrast. The telephone cables create somewhat horizontal lines that all branch away from the telephone pole. The buildings that are lined up next to the alley, as well as the cars that are across from them also create lines that extended vertically to the center of the photograph, creating lead lines. The leaves of the trees give the photo some texture, as well as the white building next to the telephone pole. The bright sky that makes up negative space really contrasts with the dark alley since shadows are cast from the buildings. The light falling on the trees puts emphasis on the colors of the leaves and makes them stand out from the dark components of the photo. The complementary colors of green and red are present in the photo as well, as required by the assignment guidelines. The complementary colors take the forms of the green tree and the man’s green shirt, complementing the tree with the red leaves. It’s very interesting how all that is negative space, the sky, is also that which contrasts the positive space, the alley and trees.

Throughout the blog post, there is no particular set color scheme. The color scheme varies from two photos that have the color scheme of red and green, to the other three photos that seem to have the emphasis of the color blue. The photographs were named as random numbers, 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7, instead of containing a title with the date the photos were taken and the photographer’s name. It seems as if the photographer color balanced her work correctly, but there could have been more variety to her photographs. It seems as if they were all taken from the same building, and it would have been nice to see a change of scenery. Even just changing the vantage point would have made an interesting difference in the content of her photos.